Fruit&Vegetable Bag

    We made laminated fruit and vegetable bags from 2009. Before the growers ,retailers and supermarkets only used PE bag. But laminated vented zipper bags are more beautiful, stronger and safer. Because it is inside printing, the printing ink is between the two layer materials. It will not contact with the fruits and vegetables.

    We make many table grape bags, mini cuke bags, mini cucumber bags, potato bags, tomato bags, 2LB, 3LB, 4LB apple bags, mandarin bags, carrot bags, pitaya bags, cherry bags and so on.

    The main material structures are: BOPP/CPP, PET/CPP, PET/LDPE, BOPA/LDPE.

    We have 20 sets bag making machines to make fruit and vegetable bags. We can make about 3 million bags per day.