Hole puncher


Pneumatic punching machine, also called pneumatic drilling machine, plastic bags punch, punching machine, hole puncher and so on. It is an auxiliary of pneumatic drilling mold for packaging bags making machine. The signal is given by the bag-making machine, transmitted to the electromagnetic valve, then the puncher start work. The structure is similar to the cold punching mold. Mainly used for plastic bags, paper, and film hole punching .

The mold base of pneumatic punching machine is made of precision casting alloy materials, punching power choose high precision cylinder, the punch chooses import steel. (material hardness reach more than 63 °), structure meet the need of stamping, beautiful appearance , high operating frequency, long service life, the highest frequency of up to 250 times/minute.

The main hole shapes we made for aluminum foil bag, foil ziplock bag , food packaging bag , grape bags and stand up pouches are: Euro hole puncher, Butterfly hole puncher, Round hole puncher, Triangle hole puncher, Die-cut hole puncher, Handle hole puncher, Tear notch hole puncher and so on. We can offer all kinds of hole shape based on your requirements.

Punching materials are: PO, PP, PE, OPP, CPP,PVC, PPE, PPU, CPE plastic material, paper , non-woven and so on.