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    Aluminium foil packaging bags are very good at moisture barrier.

    There are two different kinds of foil in flexible packaging bags. One is Matte Finish Dull Aluminum Foil, we call it ALU, standard thickness is 7 micron. The other is Shinny Silver Foil, we call it VMPET, standard thickness is 12 micron. VMPET is cheaper than ALU.

    You can choose the foil material according to the product you want to pack. For example, if you want to pack nuts, tea or electronic products, toys, can use VMPET.

    Bag types depends on your requirement too: can make foil stand up bag with zipper, foil stand up pouch without zipper, flat foil bag, aluminium foil side gusset bag and so on.

    We have more than 30 sets bag making machines to make aluminum foil bag. We can print 10 colors in one time, but depends on your design artwork.

    The main material structure of zipper lock bags are: PET/VMPET/PE, PET/ALU/PE, Matte BOPP/VMPET/PE, Matte BOPP/ALU/PE etc. Different products need different material. We can give you professional suggestions about foil bags.

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